Sunday, 7 October 2012

My NAV Centre Retreat

Yes, I have been a bad blogger. I haven't updated my blog since June. In my defence, it was a busy summer. We were trying to (unsuccessfully) potty train my little guy. Plus, I discovered that I was pregnant! Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows the state of exhaustion that accompanies the first trimester.
Anyway, enough excuses! I'm back know and I have lots of scrapbooking stuff to blog about. This past weekend, I went with a group of ladies to the NAV Centre in Cornwall for a scrapbooking retreat. I was super productive. I completed 1 single page layout and 8 double page layouts for a grand total of 17 pages! I'd like to share the pages I made with you.
My Previous NAV Centre Experience:
Between my friends and myself, there were a lot of pictures from my previous NAV Centre experience in April 2012. I decided to go through my stash and use leftover papers to create these pages.

Of these pages, the last one is probably my favourite, mainly because of the people in the pictures!
Meeting baby Coralie:
My friends Sylvie and Eric went through a lot to be able to have a baby. For that and many other reasons, I was very excited to meet their baby Coralie. Sam was excited too. He loves babies!
I had recently bought the Vintage Finds collection by Teresa Collins and I thought it would be perfect for these pictures.

A Family Photo Shoot:

In May of this year, I hired a very talented photographer named Julie Hearty. I was thrilled with the results. Sam isn't the easiest kid to deal with but she managed to not only get him to look at the camera but also smile!

For these pages, I used the Pemberley collection by Close to My Heart, which is simply stunning. I also used a few Prima flowers

Summer Fun:
We did a lot of fun things this summer, including a few trips to a splash pad. This layout featured pictures of Sam having fun at the splash pad near my parents' house. He LOVED the splash pad!
I had leftovers from the Splash collection by Echo Park and thought this was the perfect opportunity to use some of them up. I also used up most of my blue buttons!

 My 30th Birthday at Auntie Em's:

For my 30th birthday, the Divas invaded Cornwall for our first crop at Auntie Em's Scrapbooking and Beading (btw, I'm now 6 months past my 31st birthday so I'm a little behind in my scrapbooking!)

I have no idea what collection I used. If anyone can tell me, I'd appreciate it!

I love these scrapbooking retreats. I'm seriously considering going back in November with another group of ladies. I know that my time to go to these things are limited as I'm expecting baby #2 in late March 2013. These weekends are a great opportunity to focus and get stuff done. But they are also good for getting away from your everyday and spending time with friends. The best part of this weekend was getting to spend so much quality time with my bestie Diane.
Until next time, happy scrappin'!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Summer Layout Challenge - Week 1 & 2

Hello everyone!

Well, we are now into week 2 of my summer layout challenge. I'd like to share the layouts I'm completed so far.

 Eat, Drink and Be Married
LYB Swoon collection

LYB Wonder & Wishes collection

LYB Wonder & Wishes collection

Boxing Day Fun
Can't remember the line
Used Prima flowers

Echo Park Winter Park collection

Winter Wonderland
Echo Park Winter Park collection

You'll notice that there are only 9 layouts here. The 10th layout I made as part of the Auntie Em's design team. It will be revealed next month.

Thanks for looking!
Happy scrappin'!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Summer Layout Challenge

My friend Diane (who still remains blogless) has thrown down the gauntlet. Let me explain...

A few years ago, a few of us did a layout challenge during the summer. The goal was to make 60 pages or more from June until the end of August. In early June this year, Diane challenged the Scrapbooking Divas to come up with our own summer layout challenge.

The rules for this challenge are that you set your own number of layouts you want to create during the 3-month period. If you hit it by the end of August, you treat yourself to a scrapbooking supply that you want.

Diane, being ambitious, has set a target of 60 pages. Natalie and Kathleen, being a tad more conservative, have set a target of 40 pages. Sylvie has set a target of 20 page - wuss! - LOL! Sylvie, I love you! :) I'm not sure what Nathalie's target is.

Being ambitious myself, I'm following Diane's lead and aiming for 60 pages. Now, I have to decide what my prize will be...Suggestions are welcome!

Happy scrappin'!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

When my worlds collide

I scheduled this post to go up at 5pm on Saturday, May 26, 2012. I think it's fitting because, at that time, I will be starting my 5k run for Ottawa Race Weekend.

If you read my other blog Getting to 175lbs, you know that I started running the the fall of 2011. I never ever EVER thought I would be a runner. To this day, I can't believe I started running and it's even more amazing that I actually stuck with it.

Since running has become such an important part of my life, I decided to a) take pictures of myself before and after running, and b) create a scrapbook page about my running.

I called this blog post 'When my worlds collide' because fitness and scrapbooking are two very important parts of my life. However, they don't really go together. One involves sitting and using my brain to bring my creativity to life and the other involves moving, using my body and sweating (a lot).

Really, because I enjoy both activities so much, it's only natural that I make a scrapbook page about my running. I called it 'Why I Run' and here it is:

Like a lot of my layouts, there's a lot of white space. I used two pictures I had of myself in my running gear: one taken before I left to go run and one after my run was over. Guess which one is which! Anyway, I cut different lengths of different papers and I slightly layered them. If you notice, the paper on the far left is a sports themed paper. I thought it was appropriate.

I then added very simple embellishments:

I used the title as a jumping off point for my journalling. I have said several times that I strongly believe that journalling is a necessary component to the vast majority of scrapbooking pages. Journalling doesn't have to be long but, in this case, it is. I had lots to say on the topic!

I encourage any one who scrapbooks and has a love of sports to make your worlds collide. As scrapbookers, we tend to be the picture takers and we tend to scrapbook everyone else but ourselves. Why not make a page focused on YOU?!

Thanks for looking and happy scrappin'!

Friday, 25 May 2012

My NAV Experience

In mid-April, I went with the Scrapbooking Divas to the NAV Centre for my first scrapbooking retreat. I wanted to blog about my experience before now but time just did not permit. I have 3 blogs to update people! Still, I have managed to blog about projects that I completed while at NAV. You can read about Anabelle's Album and my Buffalo pages on my blog and on Auntie Em's blog.

Anyway, getting back to my experience at NAV, it was fantastic! It was 2.5 days of scrapbooking goodness! It was so nice to be steps from my room and food. The scrap space we had was wall-to-wall windows so the room was nice a bright. I got lots of scrapbooking done but best of all, I spent quality time with the Divas and met some great people.

Here is a picture of me taking a booze break from scrapbooking. See the great windows?!

Other than the projects I already blogged about, I made one double-page layouts and one single-page layout. Here is a picture of the double-page layout:

This layout features recent pictures of Sam and I playing in the backyard this spring, just after the snow had melted.

On the first page, I kept it simple. I started, as always, with a piece of cardstock. I then layered two pattern papers from the Country Drive collection by Echo Park. It's no secret, I love Echo Park! This is one of many Echo Park collections that I own.

I distressed the edge of the blue pattern paper and used Distress Ink afterwards. I also distressed the edges of my pictures and glued them on the pages slightly overlapped. I added the cream ribbon vertically.

Next, I used the Big Shot to create a journalling box. I added my cluster of flowers. I made most of the flowers myself!

For the title, I used Close to My Heart cork letters. I love these letters! Bonus: they are self-adhesive.

I kept it pretty simple on the second page as well. I used the 'vertical band' photo placement.

On the right side of the vertical band, I used a detailed border punch. The paper was originally white. I used Glimmer Mist in Crème de Cocoa to change the colour. I repeated the same ribbon as on the first page but I placed it horizontally here.

I used the Big Shot a lot on this layout. I used it to create the butterflies, the journalling box and the small doilies.

The last page I made during the scrapbooking retreat was a one-page layout featuring my little guy with his toy guitar. Music is in Sam's genes. My husband Matt is a guitarist and was in a band for years.

My friend Natalie says that I embrace white space. Yes I do and I'm proud of it! White space, if properly used, allow the pictures to stand out and not the technique. Still, I did use techniques on this page!

I wanted to tone down the pattern paper so I used Perfect Pearls in Perfect Pearl. I cropped my pictures and a piece of the sprayed pattern paper to the same dimensions and glued them in a square pattern. I added the blue ribbon for a pop of colour. I created my own journalling box using white paper, a piece of the same pattern paper and a border punch.

I added two clusters of embellishments by using buttons, corrugated cardboard and twine, aka 'manly' embellishments,

And there you have it folks, my NAV experience. I can't wait to go again in the fall. The Divas will take over Cornwall again! 

Monday, 30 April 2012

Cari Fennell here I come!

This week marks my 29th birthday...for the 3rd time! Do the math and you figure out pretty quickly that I'm turning 31....EEEK!

Even though the thought of getting older isn't my favourite thing to ponder, I still like to get together with my friends to celebrate the day I was born. Really, it's an excuse to have a party and I'm always up for a party to celebrate me...even though it means that I'm now fully entrenched in my 30s.

A few months ago, Auntie Em's Scrapbooking announced that Cari Fennell would be coming to teach a few classes. Cari designs for Prima and is uber-talented! Bonus: Cari would be here on my birthday weekend!

The Scrapbooking Divas and I are signed up for the mini-album class this coming Saturday. I'm SUPER excited! I'm looking forward to meeting Cari, going to my favourite scrapbooking store and, most importantly, spending time with my divas.

Photo evident of the mayhem that will obviously ensue will be available next week.

Happy scrappin'!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Bridal Shower

Last September, I was a bridesmaid in my friend Kathleen's wedding. With Jenn's help (Kathleen's other bridesmaid), I planned a kick-ass shower, if I do say so myself.

Since I was the hostess with the mostess (I'm so humble, I know), I didn't have much time to take pictures. Luckily Diane (who still remains blogless) had her camera and was the shutterbug of the group.

I had so many pictures to choose from that I decided to do two double-page layouts for the shower. Here is the first:

Since a bridal shower in inherently girlie, I decided to use purples and pinks with a touch of green. For these layouts, I used a Basic Grey collection. If anyone can enlighten me as to which collection it is, I'd appreciate it! I can't remember for the life of me! All I know is that I bought it at Auntie Em's Scrapbooking. It's a very girlie collection and I love it...which is something coming from me. I'm generally not the biggest Basic Grey fan.

For the first page, I cut different widths and lengths of three pattern papers. I inked the edges and layered them on a piece of cardstock in a beautiful shade of purple. I then used a Martha Stewart punch to create the photo mat.

I clustered embellishments around a journalling box on the bottom left-hand corner of the picture, added a title and voilà!

I wanted something to link all the pages. I decided that I would use faux-stitching. I used the faux-stitching around the strips of paper.

On the second page of the first double-page layout, I decided that I was going to put the bulk of the pictures.

I cropped the pictures as much as I could, sanded the edges and I layered them slightly on top of each other. I added a large die-cut piece that was part of a package of embellishments that you can buy as a compliment to the paper.

I used Basic Grey chipboard letter for the title. I found that the white letters blended in too much, so I traced them with a brown pen.

For the second double-page layout, I repeated the faux-stitching that I had used on the previous layouts.

On page #1 of this double-page layout, I used pictures of the bride-to-be and some of her best friends. I think the title is appropriate since all the pictures feature Kathleen and one other person.

Unlike the other pages, I also hand-stitched using the Sew Easy system.

I wanted the last page to feature Kathleen and her maids. Luckily, there was one great photo of the three of us. And Jenn says she isn't photogenic! Yeah right...

I just love the cluster of embellishments on the right side of the picture!

This was such a fun party and it's great to be able to remember it with layouts that I love. I originally thought that I could put all of Kathleen's wedding events in my 2011 album. WRONG! I made four pages for the shower but I think I made six or eight for the bachelorette! I haven't even started the wedding yet! Therefore, I've decided that Kathleen's wedding deserves its own album.

There will be more to come!

Happy scrappin'!